Meet Doug Truong


Hometown: Hyde Park, MA

Alma Mater: Boston Latin Academy; University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Occupation: Full-Time Student

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Dream Destination: Europe, Great Britain

Advice: Nobody is good enough to not be constantly changing themselves.


I want to understand the communities that I've been passively a part of - I think having an active role, and seeking to understand, engage with, and uplift a community is very important - It expands my knowledge and view of the many individuals who make up the community and their lives, and erases any dividing lines that might have been present. I think that if I am able to give back to the community using the privileges I was gifted, for the potential benefit of other people, then I have a responsibility to do so. 


I was interested in joining NOVA because I felt like I never put in an effort to create a relationship between myself and the Vietnamese community anywhere, in high school, in college, or in the city. But I want to now; I don't know much, but I do know the Vietnamese community, especially in Boston, is a strong and resilient one, and it's something I always admired about my parents and their generation. I want to connect myself more with it while I can. 


Outside of NOVA, I am a student at UMass Amherst studying Linguistics and English. I enjoy creative writing and aspire to become one day a professional writer in the entertainment industry!