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NOVA Statement on BLM

A message to the Asian American community especially the Vietnamese American community on why it is critical to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Our Black communities need to be recognized and uplifted.


Transcript: Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Americans can identify with the values of democracy as well as gia đình or family. In the past, Black Americans’ fought for civil rights leading to the passing of the Immigration Act of 1965 which allowed Vietnamese refugees to seek asylum in America.

Today, now, we ask you to harmonize with our Black brothers, sisters, and siblings as our own gia đình in their fights for civil rights and justice. This needs to be a collective action. We ask you to support local black businesses, donate to organizations committed to justice & anti-racist policies, call our local leaders, educate yourself, and the next generation to undo internalized racism. Local acts and civic actions add up. How can we break away from our comfort zones to show solidarity with our black neighbors? How do we approach our parents? Before we see skin color, we ask you to engage in meaningful dialogue to avoid stereotypes and microaggressions. Conversations in our homes and communities can prevent sustained racism and dismantle anti-Black sentiment. We as Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Americans need to divert from an exclusive model-minority myth. Let’s not be complacent and speak up. This isn’t enough. It won’t be enough until we see true racial justice. The American Dream was designed for all to prosper. Let’s ensure that that is a true possibility for all historically-marginalized communities. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.

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