Meet Anh Chung

Hometown: Hoc Mon, Vietnam

Alma Mater: Northeastern University 

Occupation: International Financial Counselor

Favorite Color: Pink

Dream Destination: Connect with family in France and Belgium

Advice: Do things with compassion and it will lead you down the right path. 

When you do things with compassion and the right plan, there's always something good come out of it - whether it is intended results or sideline effects. And the core of community service is compassion. 

The initial project that engaged my interest in NOVA was Little Saigon, which sets the line of the non-conflict establishment of who we are and laying the ground for peaceful culturally common practice. Then eventually, I realized that NOVA has the potential for youth projects in the community, which I'm passionate about doing. In addition, I believe you are the average of the people you surround yourself with, and I'm glad I'm surrounded by NOVA. 

I'm an International Financial Coordinator at Boston Children Hospital. So my full-time job is very global and my volunteer work is very local, yet I've found commonalities and advantages instead of differences in working for both. I'm also involved in another nonprofit called One Body Village that helps children who were sexually abused in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. 

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