Meet Jasmine Nguyen


Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Alma Mater: Boston Latin School; Northeastern University 

Occupation: Full-Time Student 

Favorite Color: Purple

Dream Destination: Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Denmark

Advice: Live life with intentionality.

Community service has always been a big part of my life. I always want to be proud of the community I come from and to have a part in making it better than it already is. Seeing people thrive and culture come alive in a community especially inspires me to continue with what I do. In the past, usually, I've worked in much smaller communities, but I'm ready to start working with more people and bringing people more joy in the Little Saigon District!

I was looking for a Vietnamese community that would give me a new family. Starting a new chapter in college made me realize that I have to actively search for people like me. But beyond the social aspects of different clubs I've joined, I wanted to have a direct impact on a community. More specifically, I wanted to have an impact on the place I call home: Dorchester. I started to look around for communities that fit my values and NOVA immediately caught my eye. I really felt drawn to this group and couldn't stop thinking about it. Sure enough, here I am! I'm sure it's where I'm meant to be.


Fun Facts: I'm a full-time student at Northeastern University! I'm studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Graphic Arts. It is a heavy load to take on engineering and art, but it makes me really happy. I've lived in Dorchester my whole life and I also went to BLS (I was also president of our school's Vietnamese Students' Society!). I'm really into video-editing and journaling, but you will usually catch me napping in my free time rather than actually doing a hobby (engineer life).